How to automatically identify bracketed images

Sometimes I take bracketed exposure photos in order to create HDR images later.
Finding them quickly among others it’s quite difficult once imported on my computer.
Thus I’d like to have a method to automatically identify bracketed sets and move those to a separate folder for further processing.

In this task comes handy a tool for batch EXIF data processing like ExifTool.
ExifTool is a platform independent command line application for reading, writing and editing meta information in a wide variety of files including RAW image files.

Using it it’s quite trivial and achieve our intent is just a matter of one command line:

exiftool "-directory=HDR" -ext CR2 -if '$bracketMode eq "AEB"' .

This command has to be run within the directory containing our bracketed images and will move them in the HDR subfolder.

Saving it in a bash script will let you re-use it in batch processing:

exiftool "-directory=HDR" -ext CR2 -if '$bracketMode eq "AEB"' $1

As you can see, you can pass the folder as parameter.

Last but not least, note that this script will scan only CR2 Canon RAW files so you have to change it in that part if you use a camera from another vendor.

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